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     REACH OUT TOGETHER (2009) $15.00 I had heard Jerry Miller play at Summer of Love (2007) with Moby Grape and knew he was amazing. Jerry plays acoustic guitar on this project. Randy Sabien plays fiddle and mandolin in a driving and eloquent manner, for which violin playing is like a paint brush to lyrics. Andy Steil is the engineer, bass players, slide guitar, banjo, flat picker and co- producer of this CD at M-Studios in Galena, Ill. My Granddaughter, Gabby Gile, sings lead on. "Save the Word for the Children." The title track, "Reach Out Together," is my interpolation of "Reach Out In The Darkness," mashed with "Get Together." Jim Post 2009. This is my favorite music I've ever recorded, I hope you like it.
Music Studio recordings and live performances
     REACH OUT OF THE DARKNESS  $15.00 REACH OUT OF THE DARKNESS - Jim's 1969 song was featured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 8 years. This former billboard top 10 hit has been played over 1.5 million time throughout the world.
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     THE CROONER FROM OUTER SPACE  $15.00 THE CROONER FROM OUTER SPACE - Lonely Heart Don't Bother Me, The Galaxy/Lighten Up, This Morning I Came, Down With Love, Magnolia, I'm Coming Home, I Hate To Waste A Full Moon, Sugar Rush, Phenomenon Of Love, First Teardrop On The Moon, Yours, Wake Up And Dream, Lighten Up
     SHIP SHAPE ('80)   $15.00 Hot Summer Night, With Love From Alberta, Marblehead Morning, The Legend Of Jack Dawson, Dance, Gypsy Dance, Engineer's Dream Tune, Angel Of The Lighthouse, Snowshoe, Woodland Dream, Blow, December Winds
     MAGIC ('79)   $15.00 MAGIC ('79) - Silver Engine, Brain Damage, Light Up My Lady, No Nukes, Let The Sun Shine, I'd Do It Again, Lord I Want To Go Back To California, Get Off, Lay Back, Three Soft Touches, Rachael's Song, The Waves Roll In On Oregon.
     I LOVE MY LIFE ('78)   $15.00 I LOVE MY LIFE ('78) - Hot Summer Night, I Love My Life, Comfortable Feeling, Crystal Ocean Tides, Billie Jean Rose, Stanley And Henry, My Dreams Never Came True, Grab Your Life And Run, Waterfall Dream, One Blessed Hour.
     BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN ('77)   $15.00 BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN ('77) - Back On The Street Again, Windego, Hello Babe, Walk On The Water/An Old Story, Woman In Chicago, Goodbye To Tennessee, Medley, Bicycle Wheel.
     RATTLESNAKE ('73)   $15.00 BACK ON THE STREET AGAIN ('73) - Bicycle Whee, Payday, Jenny, Sister Liza Bookman Santana Winds, Love Has No Foundation, Silver Engine, Ballad of Rattlesnake, Wild Man, Sunday Morning in the Mountains.
     SLOW TO 20 (’72)   $15.00 SLOW TO 20 (’72) - Let The Boy Boogie, Sing, Move Back In, Sweet Mama, Homemade Music, Woman In Chicago, Jazz Man, Sara, Boys In The Band, Tell Old Bill.
     COLORADO EXILE (’73)   $15.00 COLORADO EXILE (’73) - Look over Yonder, Colorado Exile, Ride, Rita, Ride, Once You Were a Rock,  High up on the Ridge, Turn Around, Simple Life, Louella Rainwater, Dancing in the Wind, I Love You, One More Day in Colorado.