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“Janet Post’s words lift off the page like the sweet memory of a song you fell in love with once that, hearing it now, fills your heart again. I’m stunned...It’s beautiful…The pacing of her writing, the lyricism… I wishI could write like that...” –Paul Saltzman, Metropolitan Ed., Chicago Sun Times;winner, 2011 Pulitzer Prize for local Reporting
COTTON ROCK,a novel by Janet Smith Post Like the White River that once forged its way across the formidable dome of Ozark bedrock, scraping back the forest and scratching off the wilderness to reach its destination with the sea, Cotton Rock traces the life-journeys of the people living along the river, their love and losses, their hope and heartaches, their glory and their shame. With generous helpings of Ozark folklore and humor, Cotton Rock is—at root—the story of Anna, who grapples with her guilt and with her God, who she says, “shot a hole in her heart.” She writes, “I’m going to put my life down in a notebook. I think writing it out will put it to rest, free me from thinking till my head is sore, keep me from traveling down worn paths leading into old, sad hollows up to new ridges where there are things I don’t know, down into sloughs so deep and dark, it feels like I’ll never find my way out.”COTTON ROCK, (paperback edition) is now available and retails for $15.95 Jim Starts his 6th Season at Mark Twain at 111 Main Street in Galena Il. Jim continues to entertain and sing his way into the hearts of patrons at 111 Main Street as he brings Mark Twain’s younger years to life through humerous stories and great folk music. It’s a must see for young and old alike. Reach Out of the Darkness hits 1.5 Million Plays The song that inspired a movement in the 60s, and agrnered Jim a spot in the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” has just gone over 1.5 million plays on the airwaves around the world. WOW - now that groovy!!  
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