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     READING BY EAR Collection   $49.95 5 CD's - 42 Original Songs & Raps. A song for every letter in the alphabet!  Plus a song for "ch," "sh," "th," and "ng."  Each of the 30 sounds are first articulated to music, then followed by a song that features the target sound. Purple Pig, Frog Town Band, Oodles and Loads and Lots of Things, Queens and Quarterbacks. With bonus award winning CD, Alphabet Songs. For more information about creating a musical bridge to reading through phonemic awareness  and reading readiness for children, go to readingbyear.com
     ALPHABET SONGS CD   $15.95 ALPHABET SONGS - 28 delightful songs to re-enforce reading readiness.  Our New Award-Winning CD, Alphabet Songs, is a collection of our best songs. There's an original song for every letter in the alphabet, plus the sounds of ch and th.
     FROG IN THE KITCHEN SINK   $10.00 FROG IN THE KITCHEN SINK - Frog In The Kitchen Sink, Mabel The Milk Cow,  Giggle Song, Cowboy Joe, Color Of The Rainbow, Scritchin' N Scratchin' , If I Were A Grasshopper, Big Brown Bear, Alfred The Earthworm, Addle, Addle, Addle (Silly Song), Jelly Fish Jamboree, Clouds Are Dreams, Guitar, electric and acoustic: A. J. Stiles; Drums, percussion: Jimmy Berg; Keyboard, accordion: Dave Christensen; Keyboard, "Giggle Song," & "Jelly Fish Jamboree," Angela Lynn; Songs written by Jim Post. "Giggle Song," "Big Brown Bear," and "Jelly Fish Jamboree" written by Janet Post.  
      THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS   $10.00 THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS -  It’s the perfect story for trimming the tree.  Don't celebrate Christmas without it! Janet Post, author and poet, wrote this engaging tale set in the 1860's.  A story of forgiveness, acceptance and faith, this story reminds us that "a miracle is really an obligation in disguise.  Narrated by Jim Post,  Anne Hills joins him to sing the warm- hearted music that he composed just for this cd.  Cindy Serpliss, member of the Dubuque Symphony, plays violin, and Janet Post plays cello and keyboard. - Heart of Christmas, Jagget's Gonna Get Ya, Thank You For The Child, My Boy, List Song (0:32) 25. Deck The Halls, Chief Red Wing, Riverboat Christmas, Jagget's Gonna Get Ya Reprise, A Child Is Born, Twelfth Month, I Can Hear The Bells A-Ringing, Christmas Chantey, Angels We Have Heard On High, Joy To The World, Whoa Back Buck