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     MARK TWAIN AND THE LAUGHING RIVER  $20.00 Now you can enjoy the entire, nationally acclaimed performance of Mark Twain and the Laughing River, which premiered in Chicago and was featured at Smithsonian Institute and Vienna's English Speaking Theatre. This video provides one-hour-and-forty-five minutes of laughter and song, featuring Jim Post, as Mark Twain.  Nearly two hours of brilliant wit and music.  The original songs are composed and sung by Jim Post, accompanied on banjo and guitar by Ed Hall, national finger picking champ, Cindy Serpliss, violinist, Janet Post, cello and keyboard.
Mark Twain Enjoy some of Jim’s most inspired work
      MARK TWAIN AND THE LAUGHING RIVER   $15.00 MARK TWAIN AND THE LAUGHING RIVER -  Features 12 musical selections from the production, Mark Twain And The Laughing River.  All songs written by Jim Post except Jubilee Music (traditional-arr. by Jim Post).  Performing on the CD are as follows: Jim Post: vocal and guitar, Jenny Armstrong: fiddle and banjo, Steve Rashid: harmonica, Luke Nelson: guitar, piano, and flat pick banjo.
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     MARK TWAIN’S ADVENTURES OUT WEST  $15.00 MARK TWAIN’S ADVENTURES OUT WEST - The music from this CD is taken from Post's latest play, Mark Twain's Adventures Out West.  Post has performed his musical Twain from Chicago to Smithsonian to Vienna.  (Incidentally, Twain played banjo and guitar and loved to entertain at parties.) -  Mighty Big River,  Steamboatin' Down The Mississippi, The Divided Heart, Maybe I'll Be A Cowboy, Overland Stage Medley, A Farmer's Wife, Overland Stage Revisited, Glory Of The Rockies, Overland Stage Revisited, The Great American Desert,  Overland Stage: Finale, Genuine Mexican Plug, Comstock Country, Calaveras County, San Francisco is the Lily of the West
     GALENA ROSE ('87)   $15.00 GALENA ROSE - Galena Rose, This Is My New Home, The Man from the Moon, Enough of Nothing, White Dress, Thank God for Whiskey, Riverboat Man,  James Duncan, O Galena, Run Indians Run, White Dress , Sir Reginald, Riverboat Honeymoon